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Spring Check (Winnipeg Auto Repair)

This time of year we are thrilled to be putting winter behind us and ready for the warmer weather months of Spring and Summer. To ensure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability it makes sense to invest in a Summer check.

We will:

- load test and service the battery

- pressure test the cooling system for leaks

- check and tighten all hose clamps

- test the antifreeze for quality and strength

- check the condition of the belts for cracks, damage and dried rubber. Adjust belts as necessary

- check the air conditioning temperature

- check all windshield wiper blades for cracks and wear

- check the condition of the brakes, exhaust, cv boots and front end

- check for tune up (quality of spark plugs)

- check tires and rotate tires if necessary

$50.00 +taxes and shop supplies

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