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Winter's Coming.... book your Winter Check (Winnipeg Auto Repair)

winter car maintenance Winnipeg

For all of us Game of Thrones fans :)

Our Winterize special includes an oil change (up to 5 L), oil filter and lube, load test and service battery, pressure test the cooling system for leaks, check and tighten all hose clamps, test antifreeze for quality and strength, check belt condition and adjust as necessary, check block heater and car warmer and check battery warmer if equipped, check windshield wiper blades, check brakes, tires, exhaust, CV boots and front end, check for tuneup and rotate tires if necessary. Have peace of mind that your car is ready for when winter hits us.

Like it or not, cold weather is coming and your vehicle needs to be ready for it. When road conditions turn nasty, your safety can depend on being properly prepared for the winter weather. Getting everything done on your car in advance helps ensure that an unexpected cold snap or a snowstorm wont' leave you stranded.

Winnipeg auto repair wiper blades

We will make sure your blades are fresh so your visibility isn't compromised. Streaks on your windshield can obstruct your vision especially when your driving in to the glare of winter sunshine. Replacing your blades when they are cracked or torn or don't glide smoothly on the windshield is advised. The rubber on the blades eventually hardens from exposure to the sun and weather, and it's reasonable to have to change your blades every 6 to 12 months.

St James car repair battery

We will load test your battery, check that the cables are in good shape and firmly attached, and ensure there is no corrosion on the terminals. If the battery is marginal we'd advise to have it replaced now rather than being left stranded in the cold.

It's tougher for the battery to start the engine in cold weather and one that did it's job in the summer may not get you through the winter, especially if it's a few years old.

We will also check that your block heater and car warmer are in optimal condition.

auto repair Winnipeg coolant

Coolant gradually deteriorates, and when it

does, it can't adequately protect your engine and cooling system. We will test your coolant for quality and strength to make sure it can

handle the cold temperatures.

oil change Winnipeg auto shop

It's essential that oil flows quickly through your engine when you start it to prevent wear and damage.

Changing your oil in as recommended in all seasons will keep your engine clean and help it last.

A pre-winter oil change can prepare your engine for hard winter driving.

Winnipeg mechanic

You may not see them, or know much about them, but engine belts are always working to keep your vehicle moving. Losing a belt can mean immediate trouble for the engine and a breakdown for you. The Car Car Council recommends motorists “be car care aware” and review the owner’s manual to ensure that belts are inspected and replaced at the proper intervals.

A vehicle’s belts are essential to the cooling, air conditioning and charging systems of the engine. Serpentine belts are used to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering and air-conditioning compressor. Older cars use V-belts for various accessories and failure of this belt could strand a driver.

“You don’t want to be stranded because of a bad belt that could have been diagnosed with simple preventative maintenance,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “If the serpentine belt fails or breaks, the engine will fail to run and you may be stuck. The Car Care Council recommends replacing belts at specified intervals to save you from the hassle of a breakdown.”

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