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Are you Road Trip Ready? (Winnipeg Auto Repair)

If you are planning on going on a road trip soon, it's a great idea to have your car checked over to make sure it's running smoothly and in good condition. This will help you to have a safe drive and potentially avoid a breakdown or costly mechanical repair while you are supposed to be relaxing on your vacation!

When you book a road trip check with us - here's what is included:

1 - Fluid check: oil, coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid

2 - Tires: we will check the air pressure in all your tires (spare too), as well as the tread for safety. If the tread is less than 1/12" you should consider replacing them before you head out on the road as long journeys will cause them to wear even more and potentially cause a blow out.

If the tires could use a rotation - we will look after that.

3 - Air Filter/Cabin air filter check: it's important to have a good flow of clean air to your vehicles engine to ensure performance and efficiency. The cabin air filter ensures a flow of clean air into the cabin of the vehicle.

4 - Lights and Signals: We will check all lights and signals to ensure there aren't any burnt out bulbs and will replace as necessary

5 - Battery: we will load test your battery to make sure it's working optimally and service the battery by making sure that all terminals and plugs are all snug and making good contact.

6 - AC System check: we will check the temperature of the air conditioning system

7 - Belts, Clamps and hoses: we will check and tighten all hose clamps and ensure the belts are still in good condition and adjust or replace as necessary. We will ensure all hoses are free of bulges, cracks and leakage.

8 - Wiper Blades: we will check all windshield wiper blades and rear blades to make sure the rubber is still in good working condition and won't leave streaks for bad visibility while on the highway. We will also ensure the washers are working optimally.

9 -Brakes, Exhaust, CV boots and front end: we will check that all your brakes are not worn and are within the safety recommendations for wear and tear. We will check for any signs of a leak or concern in your exhaust system, check your drive train CV boots and front end suspension system.

10 - Test antifreeze quality and strength

11 - Check for a tuneup

* We will also check if you require an oil change according to manufacturer recommendations. Oil change pricing is variable depending on volume of oil required by your vehicle and the type of oil recommended.

Ensuring you are road trip ready and your family will be safe once you hit the highway allows for peace of mind and no unexpected surprises on the road.

Call us at 204-837-1047 or stop in at 3335 Portage Avenue to schedule your appointment.

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