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Just starting what could be a process of getting my car back in shape but cannot say enough about the personalized service.  It is a great feeling to be greeted with a smile and called by name whenever you walk in.  These guys really care.  (Sara M)

Excellent service and trustworthy employees at Westwood Auto Tec.  Very positive experience overall, service and staff.  It's great to have a garage you can trust! (Chris H)

Very reliable mechanical shop, friendly staff, and trustworthy service that you can count on.  In a particular instance, we were advised that work recommended by a dealership service department, did not in fact need to be done, resulting in us saving significant money that we would have otherwise spent had we put our trust in the dealership.  I would not hesitate to recommend Westwood Auto Tec to any family, friends or simply anyone else looking for high quality service at an affordable cost.  (Jarrett H)

Great Staff!  Very helpful and professional.  Found their pricing to be extremely fair and the service was quick.  (Matthew K)

Extremely fair and quality service (Brent B)

Staff very helpful and informative!  Repairs completed on time as promised. (Allison M)

Integrity is sometimes hard to find in the auto business, but these guys are a "Keeper" in the Winnipeg community.  I am highly recommending to all Veterans and Military in Winnipeg.  Two major fixes to my car ...  and two great experiences. (Paul L)

I recently moved back to Winnipeg and was looking for an all-service, dependable garage.  I was referred to Westwood Auto Tec and to Craig.  I have nothing but great things to say about the high quality and dependable service I have received, starting with two inter-provincial safety inspections and including a significant steering issue, tire needs and regular service and maintenance on both vehicles.  In every case, the service was excellent and economical.  Garry is fantastic and always ensures timely, thorough and personalized service.  He has even called me on two occasions just to check in and make sure all is well.

I highly recommend Westwood Auto Tec, confident in their excellent service.  (Peter H)

Excellent service. Very clean ship.  Professional  (Thomas M)

Exceptional service.  Great people.  Always make the effort to take care of me in all situations with my vehicles. (Andrew S)

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